Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sick, twisted fantasies

I am a voyeur at heart.

I love hearing just how sick and twisted the mind can be and I get turned on by it. Do you like little girls? Want mommy to fuck you? Want to watch your wife pull a train? Watch your sister fuck her way through the barnyard? Have a secret desire to suck a cock? Have secrets that are even deeper and darker? I love hearing all of them.

Laying in my bed, hearing you whisper your nastiest fantasies gets me steamy hot. I will listen to you talk about your secret desires, then I will tell you a wickedly wonderful story based on your fantasy while we stroke ourselves or I will role play with you while we act out your favorite sexual interlude.

I don't have any taboos. In fact, the more taboo, the wetter I get.

Cum share your fantasies with me and let me make them mine.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's reassuring to hear a real womon talk so frankly. However, a lot of women say they have no limits, that they enjoy perverse and taboo subjects = and hen shy away when put on the spot - when fantasy comes too close to reality. I will put MILF Alyse to the test and report back.....

3:03 PM  

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