Monday, August 14, 2006

Mommy Fantasies

I'm fascinated by mommy fantasies. I love hearing all the variations of the mommy fantasy. Some men want to fuck their mom in real time, some want to go back to their teen years, some want to seduce mommy, some want mommy to seduce them.....

I know that it's taboo in our society, but it goes back all through history. Shakespeare wrote about it. Freud discussed it at length. I think that most men at some point, have fantasized about it, yet it remains taboo. Most wives would run shrieking out of the house if they knew how many men have a mommy fantasy. It makes me happy that I'm available to those men. They can call me and I'm happy to indulge those fantasies, do role plays with them, listen to their secret desires.

You know I love taboo subjects and this is one of my favorites. Call and tell me about your most secret mommy fantasy.


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